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Home delves into the theme of longing. Chan's vision centres around the yearning for places, moments, and connections, which is inspired by his diaspora experience and his strong desire to return to Hong Kong while living in London. Despite having curated a Hong Kong nationality exhibition in London, Chan's dream of revisiting his homeland seems to be slipping away due to the current public tension between China and Hong Kong. As a result, Chan has decided not to take the risk of travelling back to Hong Kong, even though he longs to do so. Chan's references are influenced by his experiences in London, where he encountered holes, cracked facades, and seams that sparked the idea of portals. In sci-fi, gates are often depicted as a means of time travel, escape, or final destination. Gates, railings, and impermeable seams or holes seem to be entryways to the unknown, impossible to feel, touch, or see beyond. Chan frequently wonders what lies beyond and often imagines himself transported to Hong Kong.


‘Tung Shan Mansion’ was the place in Hong Kong where I used to live, the work extends the motifs of the Fence series into memory of home. The silhouette reflects my childhood memory of the building complex in Hong Kong which has faded since I moved to the UK in 2017. Now I look at Hong Kong from a dystopia perspective, it is dark-toned ceramic, vivid and abstract. 


Confess...Trying to reconnect... - 2022

Cement, ceramic, cardboard, bed frame, and 7:46 mins film

140 x 140 x 150 cm


Tung Shan Mansion - 2023

Black stoneware & water

16.5 x 25 x 25cm

IMG_9492 edit.jpg

HOME 5000 - 2018

Concrete, plywood, fibreglass

165 x 70 x 114 cm x2

28-E - 2024

Black Stoneware & salt crystals

30 x 24 × 12 cm

DSC01911 copy.png

Kao Shan Terrace - 2024

Stoneware & water

26 x 19 x 19

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