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Explore the space between imagination and reality through the representation of human fragility in between bio and architectural forms. Focusing on the social and architectural structure of the city, using this lens to create a view of the world that serves as both a portal and a projection. I imagine a world where we can experience and observe everything, and everywhere, and ponder how this would change our perspectives and beliefs. In my art, I construct a world that reflects our society without depicting a specific period. My works will exist in the past, present or future.

My recent work, titled 'Invisible Familiarity', is the first piece of art that offers a glimpse into the current situation of the world. Since the emergence of communities, collective information and memory have become essential components of communication. Genocides, wars, censorship, and environmental issues have significantly impacted our collective consciousness. Although we presume that our perspectives are continuously expanding through daily experiences, we forget that the "truth" of the world is continually being challenged, uncovered, and refined. It's impossible to keep up with the movement of the world.


familiarity 1 - 2024

Pine, plaster, clay, glass & fabric

50 x 50 x 45 cm

Crease (let's not self-doubt), 2023, Black Stoneware & mild steel rod, 50 x 20 x 20cm Pola

Crease (let's not self-doubt) - 2023

Black Stoneware & mild steel rod

50 × 20 x 20cm


I'm Just Not There - 2021

Ink on ceramic, print

200  x 160 x 5cm

DSC02692_1 copy.jpg

Invisible Familiarity - 2024

Pine, canvas, pigment, plaster, cement, glass & prints.

200 × 220 x 100 cm


Evidences of Motion - 2021

Clay on canvas

100 x 90 cm


familiarity 2 - 2024

Pine, plaster, clay, glass & fabric

50 x 100 x 7 cm

DSC02531 copy.jpg

Circulation II, 2024

Soft pastel on stoneware & pine

20 x 25 x 5 cm


circulate - 2022

Plaster, clay, concrete on canvas with oak.

120 x 79 x 4cm

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