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Skills and techniques

Hand power tools

Drills, grinder, rotary tools, jigsaw, circular saws, table saws, heat guns & nail guns.

Hand tools

Hammer, hacksaws, claps, cutter, wrench & sharpening tools.

Workshop machinery

Boring Machines, drilling machine, bench/surface grinder, band saw, beam saw, site saw, rolling machine & sanding machine.

Moulding, casting & finishing

Concrete, plaster, silicone, paper mache, Jesmonite, resin, clay & foam.

Other sculpture materials

Hand build/sculpt clay, plaster and wood, glazing ceramics, attention to details and measurements.


Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrations, In-design, Dimension, Premiere Pro)

Rhino 3D & Sketch-up drawing/rendering. 

3D printer knowledge

Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 10.59.41.png
Baraboux fashion boutique production
SR_A Furniture research & rendering
Hackney 5K x Nike x Concrete Objects
portfolio for production_Page_03.jpg
Dada 2nd Collection shoot
portfolio for production_Page_04.jpg
Dada 1st Collection installation shoot
portfolio for production_Page_05.jpg
Plaster, concrete and foam casting
portfolio for production_Page_06.jpg
Wood building with concrete and plaster casting
portfolio for production_Page_07.jpg
Wood building with concrete finishing
portfolio for production_Page_10.jpg
Wooden frame with plaster casting
portfolio for production_Page_09.jpg
Clay sculpture
portfolio for production_Page_08.jpg
Hand built wooded sculpture
portfolio for production_Page_12.jpg
Other works- plaster, foam and Jesmonite casting/ sculpture
portfolio for production_Page_11.jpg
Ceramic works
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